Veronicca’s marriage

1. Wedding proposal

Veronicca is a young attractive woman in her early twenties, so she has everything that she needs to enjoy life with any man or sometimes men at the same time. Her long legs, tiny waist are always revealed to the public, let alone her muscled arms and extremely round breasts, covered with only a tiny transparent top. She particularly adores white lace panties, which can be seen whenever she leans down to pick up something from the ground, and needless to say, she always has something to pick up. Veronicca does not mind even if her pussy is the subject of the admiration in the street. Men love her sexy appearance looking at her with longing sights and all of them make their fantasy work in that very moment. In mind they tend to see her without any clothes, they imagine touching her smooth skin, especially up there, between her thights. They would all be eager to lick the tip of her playful breasts or her mysteriously juicy pussy. Occasionally some of them, the bravest ones simply go up to her in the cafe where she works and grab her impertinently shaking bottom, risking a painful slap on their face. She keeps telling them to behave in a morally acceptable way and involve their wives in the game, laughing at them loudly. All in all, she cannot live without men as they mean everything to her, mainly sex, but she never refuses nice jewelleries or perfumes, either. To be honest, she considers the most ideal male with a never-ending bank account and a good-sized workaholic dick. Unfortunately, such a man has not been born yet, or if so, she has not met him yet, so she has to do with fast adventures, sometimes behind the bar in the small hours, when there are very few sober customers in the café. Veronicca knows exactly the right person who is starving for some sex, furthermore does not mind a bit of contribution to her jewellery collection.

One night a real gentleman turns to Veronicca courteously, asking her for a brandy. She can see that the man is a bit too old to wish anything from him, however, she starts to flirt with him, saying everyone deserves a little sexy enjoyment, the age does not matter. So she dips her finger into the brandy’s glass, then licks it while pretending to suck something else.

‘Hey, mister! It’s fine, very fine! It’s so fine that I want one more lick from your brandy if you don’t mind – and meanwhile she undoes her blouse, showing her snow white lace bra. The old guy seems to enjoy the situation and asks if he could just kiss her hand.

‘You are such a unique lady that I feel you are my Cinderella and never want to live without you as I have found you at last. So marry me and you will live like a princess.’

‘Wow! Mister! You believe money is everything, don’t you? You want to buy me and sentence my pussy for eternal peace, do you? No, mister! My pussy won’t retire, I love sex, but you…well, as far as I can judge, can’t make your dick work the way I love. I make love every single night, although I just call it fucking. Anyway you look a gentleman, so I don’t mean to be rude.’

‘Oh, I see, my Princess! You want sex every night, but I am too old for sex every night. Nevertheless, I have so much money that I can buy you a man for each night or even more if it is your wish, just be mine! Your days will be wonderful with me in luxury as well as your nights will be erotic with young guys I will choose for you. You just say ‘yes’ and come to my house! I will come back tomorrow night for the answer with my first surprise for you.’

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