Veronicca’s marriage part 3.

3.Incredible bath

It is nearly noon, so Veronicca decides to get up after such a long and lazy morning. She does not have much to do, consequently she goes to her red-tiled bathroom so as to make a hot bath and indulge her body, which is now covered with a sexy red nylon nightie.

She stops in front of the huge mirror admiring her stiff and round busts, which always earn the men’s hungry peers. However, as she is alone at the moment, there is nobody but her to praise them. She touches and begins to stroke them lustfully as she likes the feeling coming from inside. Her nipples have become pointed immediately and try to convince the hands to pat them a bit more intensively. Veronicca considers her busts really desirable and appetising, and she wants them to feel happy. Still wearing the red but transparent nighties, she can see her own breasts rather mystic. She looks like a demonic phenomenon and she is statisfied with the image in the mirror. She starts feeling flowing the juice of the pleasure down her thighs. She knows how it tastes and likes it, that is why does not hesitate to lick a bit of it right now, as well.

Veronicca closes her eyes and she is not alone anymore. Gently stroking her own clitoris, she feels somebody inside her. And she licks her finger to taste her own love over and over again, which is unspeakably wonderful. She knows the best what she needs to reach the heavens and it is not inside her but the clit. This tiny part of her pussy is now swollen three times as much as normally since it reflects the extent of the enjoyment. It goes without saying, it is thrilling so much that she wants to extend the feeling of the pleasure. She stops for a moment to prevent from dumping her load. She does not want to finish, it is so lovely!

Meanwhile the hot bath is ready full of scent and foam. Steaming and enticing, the hot water tries to persuade Veronicca to enter the higher grade of delight and continue her sexy action in the tub. She is aware of what expects her there, so she releases the flirty red nightie from her beautiful shoulders onto the tiled floor revealing her naked body to the mirror. She knows exactly that quite a few men would die for the sight of her body, let alone the privilege to touch it. Many of them would just feel jealous of the mirror that is allowed to see everything.

Still being of the state of enjoyment, Veronicca picks up a large piece of foam out of the bath and spreads it all over her body accurately. She makes a pause when she reaches her pussy, then she rubs it gently with the soft foam, as well. Oh, it is just fine and simply cannot help pushing her middle finger into the narrow place where most men would move in and stay forever. She feels for the most sensitive region of loveland and imagine something that is even smarter than her finger. She wants to overcome her disappointment, as she has to do without a real phallos, so she will rely on something else. Before entering the calling bath, she takes her silicon toy out of the cupboard. She loves it and it is always handy for her. It is just like a real one or even better since it has two lovely heads, one is for her starving pussy, the other end is the tool of her colourful fantasy. In the water she forgets the entire world, she just enjoys what is the Lord’s gift, the female body with its secret sockets. The plastic toy stirs the thick foam as it works as actively as it can. Veronicca changes the ends and tastes her own body again because she likes it. Eventually, when she feels that the explosion approaches and is unable to delay it anymore, she stands up, forces her eyes to open. She want to see herself while cloying. It cannot be compared to anything! She stands and pushes her toy in more and more, she does it faster and faster. Her breasts swing wilder and wilder, her tongue and lips have their own intercourse, they also make love with each other. And Veronicca reaches her own heaven moaning softly, as she is never loud unless it is required. She enjoys for almost a minute and her thighs are wet again, but not due to the bath. She keeps her toy inside for a while, then slowly pulls out and kisses it with satisfaction. She cannot move and actually, she does not want to move, it is so lovely! The mirror can see her, this beautiful creature of the world, naked, wet and happy, keeping her toy between her two busts.

Suddenly the doorbell blasts into this idill. The girl does not consider, goes and opens the door just to see the astonished postman standing there.

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