Veronicca’s marriage part 2.

The surprise

It is a sunny morning and Veronicca is still in bed, as it is her day off. She finished work late last night, but instead of coming home, she let herself enticed to a party. An old friend invited her and her fellow waitress to a cottage where some college students celebrated something that Veronicca was not interested in at all. However, at the moment she realised there were mainly young and good-looking boys, she got excited. She and the other waitress became aware of the chance to have a sexy night. Some of the boys seemed already useless, as they had drunk a bit too much, but the rest, some four or five started to pay an intense attention towards the girls. They offered them beer, but Veronicca declared that she wanted whisky and hot chocolate. First the boys did not understand why these two were so picky, however, she licked her lips, which meant something erotic for the more and more excited males. Consequently, they did their best to satisfy the two sexy ladies. At last a bottle of whisky and a tube of liquid chocolate got served.

Everything was given to start the highlight of the night. The two girls got on the table and began to peel their clothes from each other. First they made each other get rid of their skirt, then their tops. Both were standing on the dining table in high heels and lush underwears. Those tiny pieces of lace were far more provoking for the youngsters than the red clothe for a fierce bull in a bullfight. The girls started a lesbian show, which made the boys crazy. As Veronicca and the other girl were dancing, they slowly lay down the table and took the whisky and poured a little onto each other, but not wanting just to waste it, they softly waved the boys to come nearer while licking the drink from each other. Naturally, the lace g-strings slipped aside encouraging the audience to join. Nevertheless, the excited boys became inexplicably shy. They seemed absolutely hungry for some wild sex, anyway for some reason they made a balk. None of them dared to touch the enticing bodies although they were so close. Veronicca did not understand such a childish behaviour, either, but she went on the show since she appeared to enjoy the other girl. She took the tube of chocolate and poured some of the sticky brown liquid onto her pussy and began to lick it eagerly while got the other girl to play with hers. They were growing more and more loud and did not care about the timid boys. They enjoyed the female sex. Veronicca felt hotter and hotter, thus she took off her bra, too Her breasts also loved their freedom as they started their own dance just in front of the other girl’s tongue. She splattered even more chocolate all over her playmate’s body, and the more intensively she licked up the sweet liquid, the more deeply the other girl got into her love corner. It was heavenly! Both were covered with sweat besides the poured whisky and chocolate.

The boys were watching them painfully, and some of them were on the verge of deciding to do what a real man would usually do in a situation like that, however, they changed their mind in the last moment. The other did not even dare to move fearing of an underwear accident. All they could do was to make their eyes feel satisfied. Meanwhile the dining table was laid with real sex right in front of their eyes. They even could smell the feast! The smell of the two working pussies were irresistible for one boy and he could not help going off, so he got angry.

Veronicca also reached the summit and felt overjoyed prickle inside. In the meantime the other girl also screamed signalling that they could enjoy sex without the boys, who were stupid enough to miss the chance. They were both lying on the table contented and drinking the rest of the whisky when suddenly a familiar voice sounded.

‘Good evening, Ladies! Veronicca, you are still amazing and I loved to watch you enjoying sex. I would be eager to kiss your breasts but I am a gentleman and I will do that only after our wedding if you accept my proposal.’ And the old guy went up to the boys, paid them for their job except the one who was not disciplined enough to stop himself from going off.

Now here is Veronicca alone in her bedroom, lying naked and still does not know whether to accept or not the wedding proposal.

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