Veronicca Marriage part 4.

4. Veronicca invited

It is the most incredible scene that the postman has ever experienced whenever a door opened to him. A beautiful young lady who is wet and naked. He gets so embarrassed that almost forgets why he rang the doorbell a minute ago. Veronicca, the subject of his embarrassment just stands waiting for the postman to say something. However, he cannot help shaking and gazing at the naked beauty in front of him instead of telling her what he wants. Eventually he pulls himself together and hands a letter to her saying nothing. Veronicca thanks him for it and licks her lips before she closes the door. The dumbfounded postman has real difficulty moving and leaving the place.

Meanwhile Veronicca realises that she should not have made the poor guy so shocked as he does not appear to be the favourite for girls, consequently, he will either suffer all day or ease himself somewhere. Anyway, it is not her business unlike the letter, which makes her curious. To be honest, seldom does she get private letters, so she does not have the faintest idea as to the sender. It is not written on the envelope. That is why she opens it with no hesitation since she is a woman who hopes that the letter means a kind of surprise. Moreover, she wants a pleasant surprise such as an invitation to a fancy party or a TV studio and the like. Well, she pulls a dazzling golden card out of the envelope and her wish seems to have come true as it is an invitation. She is getting more and more exited while reading the short message on the posh card. It says: ‘Come to dock 4 of the harbour at four this afternoon and you will have an unforgettable cruise on a luxury yacht. Lady Veronicca, do not miss it, please!’ There is no signature, but who cares. It must be the Mister and of course, she will not miss it.

Checking the time, Veronicca can see she has plenty of time to prepare for the cruising date. First she decides what to put on to kill her admirer. She chooses white pants and a matching bra with just white silk ribbons to hide her nipples. Besides she changes her pussy piercing ring to a longer one with a pearl at the end. It is so sexy when it appears in the special hole of her silky pants, furthermore, she extremely enjoys if somebody pulls it gently. She is not sure whether to make love with him or just make his appetite grow more, anyway she does not like to turn out to be unprepared. Then she puts on a pair of tight jeans, which emphasise her pretty bottom as well as an orange top revealing her suntanned belly. Then it is the makeup’s turn and she seems to be ready. After grabbing her orange handbag and putting on her orange high heels, she leaves the house with full of excitement.

As soon as she gets out of the taxi, otherwise it would have been impossible for her to find the right place, Veronicca catches sight of the elegant yacht at dock 4. Her heart starts to beat violently, however, she steps on the board of the vessel without hesitation as she has an invitation. She considers it strange that nobody can be seen and the yacht seems deserted, but it does not put her off. When opening a door, she finds herself in a spacious room with lavish furniture. Everything looks enticing but where are the people? No matter since the table in the middle is loaded with delicious foods and drinks. It is so enchanting that Veronicca starts picking from the fruit, then she helps herself with some light drink.

Suddenly she feels the floor shaking and the boat seems to move. Yes, it definitely has started, besides soft music sounds from the corner. It is pleasant and erotic encouraging the girl to dance with the glass of drink in her hand. She feels so delighted and pleased with her decision to come here that she cannot help preening herself as if she knew someone watches her performance tempting to sex. And she is right. Someone watches her eagerly from a secret chamber. Somebody who is hungry for this perfect body, but desiring for much more than a simple sexual intercourse. But not yet. So far the silly dance is quite sufficient. The girl is on the boat, which is the most important fact and two searching eyes rest on Veronicca’s rolling breasts.

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